Embrace Summer With Refreshing Scents

Embrace Summer With Refreshing Scents

The summer is a great time to switch your scent, whether to try a lighter fragrance or to embrace some of the iconic smells of the summer months.

This doesn’t mean to say shoppers should swap their usual perfume for something extremely floral, that smells like sunscreen or the sweet aroma of ice cream. However, there are definitely fragrances that instantly make us think of summer when we smell them.

“There are [scents] that are a little less literal, but still seem made for the season – simple, lightweight fragrances evoke certain elements we tend to crave when the weather heats up, like clear water, cool breezes and fresh herbs,” Fashionista recognises.

You might want something with a fruity note or a citrus zest, or you might prefer a fragrance that reminds you of the salty air by the sea. Bergamot, mandarin, gardenia, crisp woods and the neroli flower are just a few ingredients you should consider in your summer perfume.

Those who are worried their fragrance will fade quicker in the summer heat, whether after splashing in the pool or sea or due to perspiring, could opt for Eau de Parfum, which is more concentrated. Therefore, it is likely to last longer.

If you’re not a fan of floral flavours, stick to scents that have fruity or woody notes instead.

Also remember to layer smells for a bespoke fragrance, adding a lighter perfume to a slightly heavier one underneath.

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