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Feel Oud

Koh Chang Breeze

Koh Chang Breeze

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Origin: Plantation in Thailand, Koh Chang island.

Year of distillation: 2020

Scent profile: fresh, floral, fruity, breezy with a soft woodiness.

Colour of the oil may vary from the one you see in the picture!

This is a very unique oud oil hailing from a plantation on an island called Koh Chang, in the Gulf of Thailand. One of the sweetest, most delicious, fruity/floral oud oils, reminiscent of a tropical ocean breeze.

No barnyard notes. No smokiness. Only an easy going, happy sense of relaxation and sunshine.
Sizes and Packaging:
Oils in 2.5gm come in original Feel Oud packaging.
Oils in .5gm are decanted in mini glass vial.

Note from Feel Oud:
When you make your purchase of Feel Oud oils, you can rest assured that you are receiving pure agarwood oil. We strive to perform 100% of the process with our own hands or source it for the most reputable producers. Our complete, on-the-spot involvement enables us to quench our own oud thirst, as well as producing the highest quality product for a minimal cost, thereby saving you money.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Beautiful scent, non animalic, woody and sweet.

This is for everyone.

Projection is ok, fairly close to skin after a while.

Nevertheless, bargain for the price.

Bruno Simao Carvalho

very good oud oil but the best was the customer service provided by Allthatsscents - i'm really happy!! this was the first time i've bought from the site and i'll buy again very soon. thank you so much for the kindest samples!!!

V Addington
Fruity indeed!

This oud is very different to any other i have had the chance to smell before. First impression was - very fruity, to the extend of over ripe fruit which goes little boozy. It is actually a very beautiful and unique scent. The longevity and the intensity is out of this world.
I think this oud is "wearable" esp when layered with dark musk scents. It is a unique creation and i aim to buy more from this range soon.