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Cohiban Coffee

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Description from Elixir Attar

Attar Type: Gourmand

Our Cohiban Coffee attar will immediately transport you to the streets of old Havana. 

The smell of Cuban cigars, narcotic jasmine flowers and freshly brewed coffee linger in the air. As the scent progresses you will notice nuances of velvety vanilla pipe tobacco with both dark and light nuances. It is always welcoming and never harsh.

In this attar, the scent of tobacco is augmented by the smell of cigars to make the experience much more realistic. This second note is not a recreation of cigar smell; instead,we macerated real Cuban cigars in rare Mysore sandalwood oil for almost two years and used genuine cigar resinoid.

The smell of cigars/tobacco is further supplemented by layers of hypnotic white floral smell of jasmine, dark forest honey, Belgian chocolate, and medium roasted coffee beans. This attar is our version of gourmand heaven.

Olfactory description:

Top notes:  Jasmine, Honey

Middle notes:  Tobacco, Cigar maceration, Honey, Coffee, Chocolate

Base notes:  Vanilla, Sandalwood


Notes from Elixir Attar:

1. Our perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made primarily of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. Some synthetics are used in some compositions, as it contributes in better perfume architecture and for performance enhancement.

2. Photos are for demonstration purposes only; the actual colour may vary from oil to oil, along with the packaging.

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