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Abdul Samad Al Qurashi


Run by a family of fragrance connoisseurs, the Saudi based world-renowned masters of artisanal perfumery have crafted an extensive range of fine perfume oils (attars) and pure distillations over the decades.

The family business was established in 1852 as a processing plant for vein wood in Saudi Arabia, eventually introducing the processing of other raw materials including amber.

The business expanded in 1932, offering exclusive perfumes including fragrances sold to The House of Saud (Saudi royal family).

In 1935, the perfume house was founded through merging the business lines, becoming the modern day Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (ASQ).

Known as the house of oud and amber, ASQ offer some of the best oud distillation and amber oil in the world. In addition, ASQ boast an extensive range of artisanal oils including florals (rose, jasmine, and floral blends), captivating musks and orientals, and an array of fresh fragrances. ASQ are globally noted for their classic and contemporary blends alike.

ASQ oils are a great start for ones new to the world or oud and perfume oils. 

allthatsscents offer a selection of high quality oils from ASQ including singles species (rose, jasmine, amber and saffron), along with a range of their classical and contemporary blends. Perfect choice for ones wanting to explore the world of perfume oils, and of course for ones already familiar with the eclectic range of ASQ perfume oils.

Click here to view the range of ASQ oils available at allthatsscents. 

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