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Aboujamil Perfumery


Aboujamil Perfumery was created in 2019 by French based self-taught perfumer Samy Aboujamil - a lover of perfumes since childhood. 

Fascinated by scents and natural aromas, the perfumer over the years built their own collection of aromatics. Experimenting, and honing the art of blending. Ultimately deciding to share their passion through offering an assortment of wondrous fragrances to the world. 

Aboujamil Perfumery offer a range of traditional attars (perfume oil blends) including their exclusive seasonal Luxury Collections skilfully assembled by mostly using natural ingredients sourced from across the world.

Aboujamil also offer a varied selection of quality oils (as part of their Attar Collection) suitable for everyday wear at unbelievably affordable prices.

allthatsscents are exclusive distributor in the UK of oils from the Aboujamil Perfumery 'Luxury Collection' and their 'Attar Collection'.

Click here to view oils available on our website from the Aboujamil Perfumery 'Luxury Collection' (natural attars) and here for their 'Attar Collection'.

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"Sourced directly from manufacturer"

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"All oils from artisan perfumers"

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"Oils from starter to connoisseur range"