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Feel Oud

Founded in 2014, Feel Oud is a collaboration between two world-renowned top grade artisanal oil distillers, Russian Adam and Dimitry Bortnikoff. By sourcing truly rare and superior all natural materials, the artisans behind this house are driven by nothing but sheer fascination and obsession with producing the finest of distillations ever.  All done by hand, from start to end. 

The story began upon Russian Adams first ever exposure to the most prized scent - oud. An aroma which Adam found to be, in his words, “disgusting”. Conflict however between the initial perception and the experience compelling Adam to try oud again and again. The gradual fascination eventually turning into addiction for ouds complex scent profile.

Adam's journey of exploring the world of oud led to him studying, and collecting various custom made oud oils crafted from high grade materials. The search  eventually turned into an expedition to find what Adam viewed as the perfect aroma.

With the mission feeling almost unaccomplished despite the exhaustive research, Adam finally decided to embark on a mission to start making oud, in pursuit of getting exactly what he sought. Residing in the UK, he decided to shift to Thailand to achieve his mission. There he met fellow Russian and oud-lover, Ali (also known as Dimitry Bortnikoff, now owner of the renowned brand Bortnikoff). This union leading to founding Feel Oud, in partnership.    

Through deploying most meticulously and intricate distillation techniques with hands-on involvement throughout the making, Feel Oud have since then created an outstanding range of oud oil of varying grades. Each grade depending on the quality and rarity of the agarwood used, including the highest quality of agarwood ever produced.

Feel Oud are also known for their oud oil blends, mixing oud with worlds finest materials composed by using traditional methods of co-distillation and infusion.

In addition to oud, Feel Oud are renowned known for their distillation of sandalwood oils, combining traditional and modern techniques to accentuate new facets.

allthatsscents are proud to be offering pure ouds, oud blends and sandalwood distillations from Feel Oud as their official distributor in the UK.   

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