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Aazeen (.5ml)

Aazeen (.5ml)

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All Natural Attar

Aazeen has its origin in the Arabic language meaning 'beauty', 'ornamentation' or 'decoration. Kashti's inspiration to create this sensual attar.

Aazeen is all about celebrating full glory of the universally attractive white floral - Jasmine. In this attar the rich, sweet, fruity and sensual intensity of jasmine is accentuated by ambergris and tonka beans. The ambergris marking its presence with hints of musky marine, and the tonka bean, in parallel, injecting delicate swirls of vanilla like and spicy nuances. All on a bed of lavish sandalwood with a touch of saffron.

The aroma of jasmine in itself is deep, rich and utterly complex with enticing hints of spices and tobacco. The warm, welcoming and seductive character along with its floral brightness prominently shines through Aazeen. The tonka and the ambergris both serving as excellent fixatives, making jasmine eternal in this composition.

Olfactory details:
- Jasemine
- Tonka Beans
- Ambergris
- Saffron
- Sandalwood

This attar is currently only available in .5ml plastic sample v-vial.
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