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Elixir Attar

Al-Ghaliya Bulgare Fleuri Et Animalique

Al-Ghaliya Bulgare Fleuri Et Animalique

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Description from Elixir Attar

Attar Type:  Ghaliyah

Here we proudly present to you our Al-Ghaliyah Bulgare Fleuri Et Animalique!

I personally call it The Ghaliyah of Ghaliyah's and you will see why.

It has ....

- Sri Lankan Oud 

- A plethora of very costly floral enfleurages, some of which include:

- Lilac enfleurage which is uber rare

- Freesia enfleurage

- Bulgarian rose enfleurage

- Gardenia enfleurage 

- Tuberose enfleurage.

and much much more.

These is a Bulgare Fleuri (Bulgarian Florals) portion of the new Ghaliyah.

It contains a huge dose of ambergris (both black and white) and musk, including Nepali, Kashmiri and Siberian varieties! (Musk and ambergris usage varies by batch)

This intensely beautiful mixture of rose and flowers is balanced out by our New Zealand white ambergris, La Maison Khenata’s black ambergris, and our Siberian, Nepalese and Kashmiri musk in a rare-aged Mysore sandalwood.

While the musk is macerated, our ambergris is not macerated in the sandalwood; instead, it is molten!!! These is the Et Animalique (and Animalic) part of the Ghaliyah-2019 attar.

The new additions to this versions – not affecting scent itself but rather its value – is the ancient Celtic white ambergris.

The RESULT … you can imagine!!!

An explosion of animalic and floral!

Elixir Attar’s secret spice recipe was used to bring the animalic part to the front and keep the floral portion in the background – silent, mellow, beautiful.

Notes from Elixir Attar:
1. Our perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made primarily of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. Some synthetics are used in some compositions, as it contributes in better perfume architecture and for performance enhancement.

2. The photo is for demonstration purposes; the actual colour may vary from oil to oil, along with the packaging.

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