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 All Natural Attar Oil

A bewitching vintage boozy fruity floral attar with a spicy/woodsy vibe from the indie perfume house

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This attar is a sophisticated blend with magnolia flower and blackcurrant taking the leading role supported by an array of beautiful CO2 extracted aromatics adding clarity, it has a vintage boozy fruity floral vibe with a spicy, earthy and woody back drop and and a musty powdery undertone.

The picture is an X-Ray of the Magnolia flower by Wart Design shop on Etsy which the perfumer, Moustafa Shoair, chose to go along with the focus of the attar which is the delicate yet complex blending of over 30 materials and the finessed layering to achieve a very elegant wear that is very pleasing and enjoyable, the feel is calm sedated.

- Magnolia flower oil
- Black currant absolute
- Calendula absolute
- Lavender absolutes
- Black and pink pepper CO2
- Ocean pine
- Lime terpenes
- All spice berry
- Blue hemlock
- Spikenard co2
- Ginger root co2
- Amberette seed co2
- Tolu balsam
- Onycha
- Civet
- Labdanum
- Sandalwood
- Agarwood

Contains civet tincture which was used to make the black currant absolute workable.

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