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Imperial Tabac (.5ml)

Imperial Tabac (.5ml)

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All Natural Attar

This latest release from Kashti is themed around, as suggested by the title, divine tobacco.

The oriental attar is crafted by Kashti with the inspiration to take the wearer to places where royalty happens to aglow with opulence, where the gilded painting on the walls shine, and where the music comes alive!

The tobacco, standing out as main feature, has been masterfully blended with an assortment of premium, sought after materials to propel the sweet, earthy, herbaceous-woody aroma of tobacco to its finest! These including oakmoss, ambergris, civet, Cambodi and Meghalaya oud and saffron.

Tobacco lovers will not be short of delight with this release from Kashti - an attar that has been done just right. The world of Imperial Tabac opens the gates for you to indulge..

Olfactory Details:         
- Tobacco
- Oakmoss
- Ambergris
- Civet
- Cambodi oud
- Meghalaya oud
- Tonka
- Clove
- Saffron
- Carnation

This attar is currently only available in .5ml plastic sample v-vial.
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