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All Natural Attar (presented in glass v-vial)

All natural attar from Yaaseen .llc composed with an extensive line up of high calibre materials, listed below.

Presentation: This attar is presented in glass v-vial.

Note: This attar is officially sold out due to the high level  of interest received and is no longer available at     

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Jami - The Unifier and Gatherer.

Jami started as a special request project intended for a Dhikr (remembrance) gathering.

Jami is a complex yet versatile oud, ambergris and rose attar with a rustic quality yet very refined, with a broad scent spectrum. The scent profile does not behave in a typical oud and rose attar. Deep, resinous and smokey, a harmonious balance between high calibre transcending aromatic treasures offering a sweet nostalgia that's enjoyable from start to finish. This is a blend both the young and mature can appreciate. 

- White ambergris
- Oud C-4 (2016)
- Oud Taha (2015)
- Oud Pursat Wild (2012)
- Malaysian Oud (2020)
- Northern Australian Sandalwood
- Vanilla CO2
- White Camphor
- Rose Taifi (Saudi Arabia)
- Rose Kazanlak (Bulgaria)
- Rose Gallica
- Rose Damask (Morocco)
- Rose Anatolian (Turkey)
- Rose Anatolian Otto (Turkey)
- Labdanum
- Spices
- Siberian Deer Musk
- Mongolian Deer Musk
- Mongolian Deer Musk Tincture
- Natural Isolates

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