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Feel Oud

Maroky Incenza

Maroky Incenza

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Origin: Omani royal green Hojary frankincense and Indonesian jasmine distilled in to the base of wild oud oil from Maroke

Year of distillation: 2019

Scent profile:  incensy, fresh and lemony opening with a gentle floral heart and mossy oud in the base

Colour of the oil may vary from the one you see in the picture!

Wild harvested agarwood from the area of Papua New Guinea was used by Russian Adam as a base for this glorious natural attar.

First step was an infusion of Indonesian jasmine sambac. It brought a slight floral touch for this unique green and mossy wild Maroke oud.

Then another distillation was performed and the finest green hojary frankincense was distilled into the same base.

The composition that was born deserves a special tittle of the greenest natural oud perfume. Crispy, incensy, lemony, and green hojary frankincense with sweet and piercing green jasmine sambac joined mossy, dark green Papua oud.

This perfectly balanced, unique combination will surprise even the most advanced oud users. Olfactory novelty brought to you by Feel Oud.

Sizes and Packaging:
This oil is available in 2.5gm only and comes in original Feel Oud branded glass bottles and packaging.

Note from Feel Oud:
When you make your purchase of Feel Oud oils, you can rest assured that you are receiving pure attar oil directly. We strive to perform 100% of the process with our own hands. Our complete, on-the-spot involvement enables us to quench our own oud thirst, as well as producing the highest quality product for a minimal cost, thereby saving you money.

We offer exceptional sandalwood oils that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, without guilt, as well as luxury, incense-grade oils cooked from wild and old sandalwood trees. We strongly believe that sandal, a magnificent perfume, ought to serve its purpose of being a blessing that puts a smile on your face, as well as those surrounding you, every single day.

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