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Maison Anthony Marmin

Mukhallat At Tabari

Mukhallat At Tabari

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Mukhallat At Tabari - Heritage (R)evolution

History of an Empire - Mukhallat at Tabari takes you to the heart of Persia, as a complex and sophisticated scent.

Richness of this blend is portrayal of taking creativity to its edge, marking the inception of the undoubtedly most avant-garde release from this house.

You will never get enough of its luxuriance, as the aroma continues to evolve, revealing in stages floral bliss combined with patchouli, alternating between dark and sweet tones around delicately balanced Cambodian oud.

Although versatile, the scent presents itself with a somewhat masculine character.

Mukhallat At Tabari means 'Blend from Tabaristan' - historic province in Northern Persia.

Olfactory details:
📍 Sweet Indian Flowers
📍 Taif Rose
📍 Dry fruits
📍 Honey
📍 Black Musk
📍 Light Vanilla
📍 Woody Notes
📍 Patchouli
📍 Oud from Cambodia


How to Use:
Perfume oils are best applied in small quantities directly to the skin over pulse points i.e. wrists, neck, behind the ears, chest, inner elbow or behind the knees.
Best to avoid applying directly to garments, especially bright colours.

All Maison Anthony Marmin (MAM) perfumes come in original packaging.

Import Duties & Taxes
Buyer will be responsible any import duties/fees or taxes as applicable per local legislation. Please refer to the T&C's for further details.

**Safety Notice**
For external use only. Please carry out a patch test before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

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Omar Ali
Timeless scent

Excellent. Precisely what I was looking for. Timeless scent.