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Maison Anthony Marmin

Oud Al Amir

Oud Al Amir

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Oud Al Amir - Oud (R)evolution collection

Oud Al Amir is a visionary expression of Oud Cambodi. Delivering most exquisite aroma of Dehn Al Oud Cambodi craftfully balanced between 'strength' and 'sweetness'.

The opening presents the classic Oud with animalic and earthy notes, followed shortly by scrumptiously caramelised fusion. At heart of this tantalising masterpiece lie warming notes of dried fruits, delivering an exquisite balance to the Oud.

This truly unique aroma is characterised as a rather masculine scent. However, is known to appeal to anyone attracted to deep woody aromas laced with delectable nuances. 

Olfactory Details:
📍 Sweet Woody
📍 Caramel
📍 Dried Fruits
📍 Honey
📍 Sweet Ripe Fruits
📍 Smoky & Woody
📍 Cambodian Oud

How to Use:
Perfume oils are best applied in small quantities directly to the skin over pulse points i.e. wrists, neck, behind the ears, chest, inner elbow or behind the knees.
Best to avoid applying directly to garments, especially bright colours.

All Maison Anthony Marmin (MAM) perfumes come in original packaging.

Import Duties & Taxes
Buyer will be responsible any import duties/fees or taxes as applicable per local legislation. Please refer to the T&C's for further details.

**Safety Notice**
For external use only. Please carry out a patch test before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bruno Simao Carvalho

very good perfume oil - i'm new on this type of oil perfumes but i'm enjoying a lot and i'm looking forward to purchase some more. i also take the opportunity to thank allthatsscents for the samples provided and for the service - it was really quick to receive the items.

Abid Hussain
Beautiful attar

Great attar I liked it