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Oud Empire (6ml)

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Contrary to a prominent oudy reception one would imagine from the title, this all natural attar deliver a rather vibrant and fresh opening.

The amber shines at the fore, with the oud following shortly after - noticeable but not loud. Entwined with uplifting florals, sweetness from the mango, and spicy nuances.

A truly unique and creative blend by the perfumer, presented as part of the 2021/2022 Winter Luxury Collection.  

Olfactory Details:       
📍  Mango
📍  Geranium
📍  Orange Blossoms
📍  Kashmiri Saffron
📍  Amber
📍  Mysore Sandalwood
📍  Prachin Oud
📍  Oud Blend

The oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a golden metal surround at the base, and a golden metal screw-on lid with an attached glass dipstick. A smart hand cut leather tag attached at the neck of the bottle, showing name of perfume (hand stamped). The bottle itself is comes packaged in a smart box.

Import Duties & Taxes:
Buyer will be responsible any import duties/fees or taxes as applicable per local legislation. Please refer to the T&C's for further details.

**Safety Notice**
For external use only. Patch test recommended before use.

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