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All Natural Attar Oil

Stallion (Niyyah edition) is a sophisticated oud, funk, and animalic musk composition - a formidable attar with a dark character.

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A stallion is a majestic and powerful creature, characterized by its thick neck and muscular body. It is an uncastrated male horse known for its remarkable speed and unpredictable behavior, which is attributed to the high levels of testosterone in its body. Dealing with such mature males requires a great deal of experience, as they can be challenging to handle and train properly.

Stallion attar (Niyyah Edition) is a unique variation of the original, enriched by the addition of Niyyah oud from Miyaz Perfume. This exceptional oud oil is an aged 2000 distillation of Hindi oud, renowned for its balanced, rich, and full-bodied fragrance with a powerful and profound quality. The result is a one-of-a-kind attar that captures the essence of this magnificent animal in all its facets.

The Stallion attar is a regal and sophisticated fragrance, dominated by the enchanting scent of oud, complemented by musk temperaments. The fragrance is characterized by a smoky and dark sweetness, with an animalic funk that is tamed by the soothing scents of myrrh and frankincense. The fragrance is further softened by the delicate notes of white lotus and orris, resulting in a complex and layered fragrance that is both intriguing and captivating.

A 25ml micro batch production, this attar is highly sought-after and a chance to experience it should not be missed, especially for those who may have missed out on the original version.

- Oud Niyyah 2000
- Oud Cambodi King Khong 2016
- Oud Taha 2015
- Siberian Deer Musk
- Rock Rose
- Fossilized Amber
- Myrrh co2
- Frankincense Cartelli co2
- Australian Sandalwood
- Al Mukhtar Accord
- Orange Blossom
- White Lotus
- Nutmeg co2
- Tobacco
- Black Currant
- Cedar Moss
- Orris
- Aged Patchouli
- Choya Rai
- Hyrax
- Basil
- Sarsaparilla

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