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Feel Oud

Thai de Nuit

Thai de Nuit

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Origin: Wild jungle of South Thailand near Phuket

Year of distillation: 2011 

Scent profile: dark, resinous, rich aroma of ancient agarwood

Colour of the oil may vary from the one you see in the picture!

Wild Thai oud oils of the malaccensis variety usually offer a very green, tangy, even citrussy olfactory experience. Thai de Nuit, however, unfolds a new, different, dark dimension of Thai oud.

Swipe it… and feel as if you have dived deeply into a shadowy, ancient treasure chest. You will be enveloped in slight, gentle incensy notes, followed by the darkness of antique woods and resins, with a touch of narcotic, bittersweet greenness in the background.

Thai de Nuit’s old school strength, bottomless depth and smooth character is a result of the careful aging process.

Sizes and Packaging:
Oils in 2.5gm come in original Feel Oud packaging.

Oils in 1gm and .5gm are decanted in unbranded mini glass vial.

Note from Feel Oud:
When you make a Feel Oud purchase, you can rest assured that you are receiving pure agarwood oil directly. We strive to perform 100% of the process with our own hands or source it for the most reputable producers. Our complete, on-the-spot involvement enables us to quench our own oud thirst, as well as producing the highest quality product for a minimal cost, thereby saving you money.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing Oud attar

I ordered two Thai de Nuit and Aazeen and both of them are amazing in their respected domain. I ordered only 1Gm of it as i have not tried it before. But it was worth it. the scent is amazing and its quite thick as well so you can tell the age of the Oud in it. It came in unbranded bottle. It does give raisinous arouma at the start that will fade in a while and then you can get the arouma of Oud. Its really i mean really long lasting and on my skin it lasted atleast 8 hrs i would say. would definately recommend it.

Thank you sharing in detail your experience with the Thai de Nuit pure oud oil from Feel Oud, and also with the all natural attar Aazeen from Kashti. Glad to know you are enjoying the oils!

Strong and powerful

The most pungent out of all the feel oud attars, definitely not for the faint hearted, if you want something interesting; this is for you.

Strong hay-like thai oud, beautifully composed. will last an entire day at least.

Thank you Ali for your feedback on Thai de Nuit from Feel Oud, now officially sold out. Glad to know you enjoyed the Thai oud distillation!