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Thai de Nuit

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Origin: Wild jungle of South Thailand near Phuket

Year of distillation: 2011 

Scent profile: dark, resinous, rich aroma of ancient agarwood

Colour of the oil may vary from the one you see in the picture!

Wild Thai oud oils of the malaccensis variety usually offer a very green, tangy, even citrussy olfactory experience. Thai de Nuit, however, unfolds a new, different, dark dimension of Thai oud.

Swipe it… and feel as if you have dived deeply into a shadowy, ancient treasure chest. You will be enveloped in slight, gentle incensy notes, followed by the darkness of antique woods and resins, with a touch of narcotic, bittersweet greenness in the background.

Thai de Nuit’s old school strength, bottomless depth and smooth character is a result of the careful aging process.

Sizes and Packaging:
Oils in 2.5gm come in original Feel Oud packaging.

Oils in 1gm are decanted in mini glass vial.

Note from Feel Oud:
When you make a Feel Oud purchase, you can rest assured that you are receiving pure agarwood oil directly. We strive to perform 100% of the process with our own hands or source it for the most reputable producers. Our complete, on-the-spot involvement enables us to quench our own oud thirst, as well as producing the highest quality product for a minimal cost, thereby saving you money.

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