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All Natural Attar Oil

ZbeeZ is a rare boronia, propolis ouds and beezwax composition - a sublime floral attar!

Description from Yaaseen Artisan Perfume House

ZbeeZ attar is a delicious, succulent and fragrant journey into the miraculous and harmonious world of the bees. With its complex yet cohesive structure, from the bees wax and propolis to the bees journey to visit the rare boronia.  

This attar is heavenly, with its mouth-watering fruity floral aroma profile, exotic frangipani flowers, rose otto, heady jasmines, osmanthus and a *huge* dose of the coveted and extremely rare Boronia Absolute swimming in harmony with jammy ouds, roots and rare resins.

A very pleasant, complex and satisfying wear yet very well balanced.

Bees have been around for centuries and have been continuously used in various religious scriptures to depict a specific set of qualities or traits that shows an ideal devotee.

Bees are quite fascinating, there are definitely lots to learn from these tiny insects. In fact, in the Quran a whole chapter is dedicated to the bees called An-Nahl. This literally translates to “The Bees “ and it describes the bee’s way of life and how Believers should be more like them.

Importance of Bees in Islam and What it Symbolizes:

Chapter 16, 68-69. Making the number 16 also as important. The only verse in this chapter that mentions bees is made up of 16 words and 16 different Arabic letters. Coincidentally, female bees have 16 pairs of chromosomes, whereas males have 16 chromosomes having been hatched from unfertilized eggs. The phenomenon behind the male bees being born without a male input is quite similar to how Jesus (pbuh)was brought into this world.

The verse in Chapter An-Nahl (The bees) specific to the bee literally translates to:

And your Lord revealed to the bees; “Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and that which they construct. Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down for you.” There emerges from their bellies a drink varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.

Christianity, on the other hand, the bees have been likened to the attributes and characteristics of Jesus (pbuh) himself. Their industriousness, strength, and wisdom are collectively seen in him.

In Judaism, in their celebration of Rosh Hashana, it is part of their rituals and customs to eat symbolic food which included dipping bread or fruits into honey. This symbolizes the hopes of a happy and prosperous new year.

- Leftover Ninja Musk and Birkai Attars
- Oud Yaaseen
- Boronia Absolute 
- Frangipani
- Jasmine (Sambac, Grandiflorum) Absolutes
- Rose Otto
- Osmanthus
- Sour Cherry Absolute
- Violet Leaf Absolute
- Sandalwoods (co2 Santal Album, Mysore)
- Siam Benzoin
- Tolu Balsam Absolute
- Tonka Absolute
- Organic Vanilla co2
- Bushmans Candle Absolute
- Myrrh Absolute
- Black Copal
- Sultan Grade Hojari
- Lavender Absolute
-Ginger Root Co2
-Beeswax Absolute
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