Oud: Strong, Smoky And Sensual

Oud: Strong, Smoky And Sensual

Only the best beauty products and latest fashion trends make it into Vogue magazine, which is why it is a huge endorsement to have oud fragrances extolled by the publication.

Vogue India did an entire feature on the fragrance, revealing how oud is currently growing in popularity, even though it has been used as a perfume for hundreds of years.

It explained how oud is extracted from agar tree, after it has been infected by a mould called phialophora parasitica.

This makes it produce a resin that has a strong fragrance, and the heartwood that has the resin embedded within it is where oud comes from.

While this does not sound like the most luxurious of origins, Vogue India describes the scent as “strong, smoky and sensual to the nose”.

“Oud (or Oudh) is a rare ingredient that has permeated olfactory sensations for centuries," it recognised.

The fragrance has a woody aroma to it, which is not surprising given where it came from, but also a depth and smokiness.

However, it is not just its scent that has meant that oud has retained its popularity over the years, but its other properties too.

Vogue told its readers that agarwood is well-known for its antimicrobial properties in Ayurveda. Therefore, oud is often used to treat different types of skin diseases.

Additionally, it is thought oud oil has psychoactive properties, which many spiritualists believe can restore inner peace in those who use it.


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