Do allthatsscents have a shop?
We are an online store only offering perfumes and attar oils from emerging to well renowned artisan perfumers and distillers.

Do you offer brand alternatives?    
If you are looking for high street brand alternatives then allthatsscents will not be the place for you. Most of the perfumes we offer are unique in style, representing perfumers expression of own unique art and inspiration. This including perfume oils made from traditional methods of perfumery by using natural materials to deliver a truly 'authentic' aromatic experience. Some of our perfumes can therefore be acquired taste for some. For which reason we highly recommend to try the samples available before purchasing full bottles.  

Are all products available at allthatsscents source directly from the maker/manufacturer?
Yes, all items made available at the allthatsscents website are sourced directly with no intermediaries involved. This is the only way we are able to guarantee authenticity of all the products we offer to our customers.      

Are all oils available at allthatsscents made from natural materials?
allthatsscents offer a range of perfumes and oils from artisan perfumers from across the world. These including starter range oils being a mix of high quality synthetics and semi-synthetics blends, to perfumes and oils which are all natural. 

We only describe our products as natural/all natural where an official confirmation has been obtained directly from perfumer, distiller or perfume house.      

Do you have samples available?
Yes, samples are available for most of our products. These will either be listed as a 'discovery' or 'sample' sets within a particular collection, or as individual sample vial listed within the product listing itself.    

For items where samples do not appear to be available on our website please get in touch [Contact Us] to enquire.    

I am new to oils based perfumes. How do I used these?
Perfume oils are best applied by using the applicator (dipstick or roller ball) in small quantities directly to the skin over pulse points i.e. wrists, neck, behind the ears, chest, inner elbow or behind the knees. Best to avoid applying directly to garments, especially bright colours.