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What is the difference between longevity, projection and sillage?


Do all perfume oils have the same longevity, projection and sillage?

Can a perfume smell different when worn by someone else?  

Are all oils available at allthatsscents made from natural materials?

allthatsscents offer a collection of oils ranging from starter to connoisseur range.

Our range includes oils containing natural ingredients. Where natuAs such 


Our oils range from high quality synthetics to semi-natural blends to all natural attars or distillations.

allthatsscents would only describe a particular oil as semi-natural or all natural where this has been officially confirmed by the perfumer/perfume house. This either directly, or as marketed through their e-commerce of social media platform/s.     

Do you have samples available?

Yes, samples are available for most of our oils. These will either be listed as a 'discovery set' within a particular collection, or as an individual sample vial available within the product listing.    

For oils where samples do not appear to be available on our website please get in touch [Contact Us] to enquire.    


I am new to oils based perfumes/aromas. How do I used these? 





I am sensitive to spray perfumes. Can these oils be used as an alternative?

We have had this query from a number of customer who either have a skin or a respiratory reaction to alcohol based spray perfumes.

Although not marketed directly as alternative solution to spray based perfumes, oils from our collection have proven to be well received by customers, followed by repeat purchase.

We therefore strongly recommend that you first try (via a patch test) our oils available in sample size before purchasing full sized bottles.

For oils where samples do not appear to be available on our website please get in touch [Contact Us] to enquire.    


Where are you based?

allthatsscents are based in Manchester, UK and are an online store only.


Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, all international orders are despatched via tracker delivery.




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"Oils from starter to connoisseur range"