About Us



We are a UK based online store offering unique non-mainstream artisan perfumes, natural attars and premium distillations. A treasure trove amidst mainstream perfumery.

Given our passion for such aromas we are always on the lookout for exciting new gems from around the world. In our store, we share our wonderful discoveries with you, mostly as limited one-off batches.      

We curate directly from artisans and distillers, offering a terrific selection to attar and oud lovers, and to ones new who are looking to explore.

Our perfumers of choice are an eclectic mix of novel shining stars, esteemed indie artists & distillers, and renowned perfume houses.   


Why Us?

We Love To Engage

For us its about sharing our passion, being approachable, and offering our knowledge and support in delivering what our customers require.     

One Stop Shop

We offer an extensive range of aromas from a diverse selection of perfumers/distillers all through a single platform.

Authentic Experience

A range of our offering contain natural ingredients (such as sandalwood, oud, ambergris, rose or jasmine to name a few). Apart from just smelling great, natural ingredients are also known to promote well-being.

Cheaper & Quicker Delivery

Most of our products are procured internationally. Buying from international suppliers can cost up to $30 plus per order. We charge a flat rate of £2.95 for UK based orders, from £5.99 for Europe, and from £8.99 for rest of the world. Also, as official distributor in the UK for some of the international brands we offer, we provide quicker delivery for our UK based customers.