Fragrance Consultation

Consultation Type 1 - Online (Bespoke Natural Perfume) 

‚ÄúPerfume is like music that you wear‚ÄĚ - Mathilde Thomas

At allthatsscents we believe that perfumery is more than just a fragrance.It is an expression of one’s inner self - a portrayal of the heart, and of the soul. A want to convey one’s imagination. A connection to a memory. An expression which we, at times, desire to ray out to the world. And at times it is intimate, an experience reserved only for the self! 

With this in mind, allthatsscents offer fragrance consultation (in close partnership with select trusted artisan perfumers) at heart to which is our passion for creating that signature perfume you yearn!

Our service is completely tailored to creating a fully bespoke natural perfume - totally unique and personalised to you! 

If you are unsure on what type of perfume to go for, no issues! Our consultation is designed around understanding your scent personality. At the back of which we would be glad to make suitable recommendations, and work with you from there to develop a perfume that represents you!

Your perfume can be crafted either in oil or spray format, or both! The choice is entirely yours.

We will craft your perfume right from scratch by only using organically sourced materials of the highest quality, curated from across the globe. These including tobacco, rare ouds, florals, premium musks, exotic spices and citruses to name a few! You can for sure be ready to for a truly unique and authentic aromatic experience!  

Our consultation is a four-stage process:

Stage 1:  Free initial consultation (30 mins online)
Stage 2:  Follow-on consultation with an expert perfumer (40 mins online)
Stage 3:  Sample development, perfume finalisation & final order placement 
Stage 4:  Order preparation and delivery

At Stage 1, a conversation is held with you to explore and understand your requirements and your ‚Äėscent personality‚Äô in order to 'characterise' the perfume you desire.¬†

At Stage 2, a follow on consultation would be held with an expert perfumer where your¬†requirements are explored further to¬†‚Äėconceptualised‚Äô your ideal perfume. Pricing is discussed at this stage, along with the ‚Äėmust-haves‚Äô such as the name of your signature perfume, inscription requirements, and more!

At Stage 3, samples that are ordered and developed. These will be sent to you via post for you to finalise selection. The need for any fine tuning would be discussed at this stage ahead of final order placement. Timescales for preparing your signature perfume are confirmed.

The final Stage 4 involves preparation and delivery of your bespoke perfume.

To express you interest in booking your initial free online consultation, simply get in touch by clicking here and we will be sure to get back to you very soon.   


Consultation Type 2:  In person (Perfume Testing)

Being an online only store, allthatsscents recognise the urge to try our products than blind buying. Our samples are a great way to explore before buying full bottles.

In addition, we also offer a free no obligation in person consultation allowing you to explore our selections of natural attars, perfume oils and ouds along with other distillations available.

Our in person perfume testing is available in Manchester (UK) only, to be enjoyed in the comfort of a high street café.

Fancy having a whirl at our perfumes over a tea/coffee on us? You are more than welcome to bring along a friend to immerse into the world of exquisite aromas with you!

You can click here to express your interest, and we will get back in touch very shortly.