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Free Consultation

Consultation Type 1: Bespoke Service 

In partnership with trusted expert artisan perfumers, allthatsscents offer the service to craft (natural) perfumes totally exclusive to you.

This service is offered through a formal consultation to develop your fully bespoke perfume, from scratch, by using high-end natural ingredients such as rare ouds, range of florals, premium musk and resins, to name a few! 

The consultation is a four-stage process involving:

- Stage 1:  Initial consultation

- Stage 2:  Follow-on detailed consultation

- Stage 3:  Sample development, finalisation & order placement 

- Stage 4:  Order preparation and delivery

At Stage 1 of the consultation, a conversation is held with you to understand your requirements, your scent personality and to 'characterise' the perfume you desire. 

Stage 2 involves a detailed discussion with the expert perfumer on requirements for making your perfume. Pricing is discussed at this stage, along with must-haves such as type of bottle, name of perfume and inscription requirements.

Stage 3 entails developing the samples for your perfume/s. At this stage any necessary tweaks will be made to finalise your perfume. Price along with timescales for preparation are discussed and agreed at this stage. The order is confirmed though making a deposit.

The final stage (Stage 4) involves preparation and delivery of your order.

For booking your first consultation, click here. 

We look forward to speaking with you.


Consultation Type 2:  In person (Manchester, UK only)

Book your free no obligation personalised face to face consultation to explore our selection of perfume oil and natural distillations and find your signature aromas. 

Our in person service is only available in Manchester (UK) and will be held in a public place, usually a high street café.

A convenient location for holding the consultation will be agreed following your booking. If you have any questions ahead of your consultation please send us a message.

You are more than welcome to bring along a friend to share the experience of immersing into the world of exquisite aromas.

To book your consultation, click here. 

We look forward to meeting with you! 

Our Guarantee

"Sourced directly from manufacturer"

Our Quality

"All oils from artisan perfumers"

Our Offering

"Oils from starter to connoisseur range"