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Maison Anthony Marmin



Expressing history, heritage, tradition & culture through the art of perfumery, this innovative fragrance house offers a truly unique range of undiluted oils. Included is their renowned oud, amber & musk blends.

The house was founded in 2013 with the brand name Abdul Karim Al Faransi (AKAF) by self-taught perfumer Anthony Abdul Karim. With roots from the region of Provence (France) and childhood memories of lavender, orange blossom, roses, tulips and violets being common features of the home decor, the ‘to be’ perfumer grew up with an inborn fascination with natural aromas.


His exposure to attars (traditional perfume oils) and Arabian perfumery acted as a key turning point. Following this Anthony, in pursuit of his passion, embarked on a journey of collecting rare aromatics and becoming a perfumer.

Anthony specialises in crafting traditional mid-eastern perfumes with a contemporary touch. His house’s vision - an invitation to an unforgettable sensory journey through the ages - is artfully presented through an impressive set of collections, namely the Oud, Heritage, Amber, Progressive, Musk, Romance and Fashion (R)evolution.



In 2020, the house rebranded as Maison Anthony Marmin (MAM), continuing to deliver the their vision..

allthatsscents are official stockist in the UK for Maison Anthony Marmin's exquisite range of perfume oils (attars).

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