New to Attars & Perfume Oils?

What is an Attar? 

Attars (also known as ‘ittar’) are oil-based alcohol-free perfumes created from organic materials. 

These highly concentrated perfumes are typically made in unique small batches, poured into small glass bottles with an applicator stick or roll-on.  

Attar may be a new term for some, despite being around for centuries. The ancient art of attar making was common practice in the Persian empire, the Arab world and India.

With a complex and multi-faceted scent profile, attars deliver the most sensual, authentic and unparalleled fragrant experience. As the natural ingredients in an attar settle and interact with your skin's natural oils and pheromones, the fragrance evolves, becoming more personalised.  

The classical craft of artisanal perfumery is still practised, albeit less frequently now, primarily in India and the Arab East. Natural scents are becoming more and more popular due to the 'authentic' experience they provide, according to recent trends.    


How are Attars made?

Attars are made by extracting the essence of organic materials such as flowers, spices, woods, and herbs.

Depending on the natural ingredients used, the extract can be used as a perfume on its own in its concentrated form (e.g rose essential oil or pure oud), or in combination with other natural extracts.  

To make the completed attar, the natural extract/s are customarily mixed with a carrier oil (such as sandalwood or coconut essential oil).

The extraction process depends upon the organic material being used. Some of the main traditional methods of extraction are: 

  • Hydro Distillation: process of extracting essential oils through evaporation and condensation. Commonly used for producing floral extracts and oud oil. 
  • Cold Press: use of hydraulic press to squeeze an collect the essential oils. This method is commonly used for producing citrus essential oils.
  • Maceration: simple extraction method in which the material is soaked into a solvent (usually alcohol) to extract the essential oil. Used for producing deer musk and vanilla extract.  
  • Enfleurage: process of capturing the essence from plants/flowers by using odourless organic fats.

In addition to the traditional methods, CO2 extraction is a popular modern technique.


What is a Perfume Oil?

Perfume oils are concentrated perfumes created by using synthetic aroma compounds.

Natural ingredients may also be present in perfume oils, although in significantly lesser concentration.

It is quite common for the terms 'attar' and 'perfume oils' to be interchangeably used. Technically speaking, 'traditional' attars contain 100% (or a substantial proportion of) organic materials. Whereas perfume oils are primarily created with high-quality aroma compounds, as found in the majority of fragrances across the world. 


Our Offerings

allthatsscents offer a wide selection of fine perfume oils, exceptional natural attars and outstanding distillations. Majority of which are produced as one-off non-replicable batches. From time to time, we also offer limited collections of luxury spray perfumes. 

Our oils range from entry to mid-level, all the way to high-end artisanal attars - making compelling choice for ones new to the world of perfume oils and attars, and connoisseurs alike!

Our eclectic collections are procured directly from select artisans that include innovative independent perfumers, world-class distillers, and renowned perfume houses.  

Florals and floral blends, oriental (warm/spicy) compositions, fresh scents, woody aromas (including pure ouds), gourmands, and fruity concoctions are amongst our mix of 'traditional' and 'contemporary' offerings. 

We also offer the option to buy samples for majority of our products (subject to availability). This way you can get a feel for our scents that interest you before buying full bottles.

Our selections are listed below by brand with a brief description of their offerings:  

Attars and Perfume Oils: 

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi: Traditional attars, fine perfume oils and musk's from the world renowned Saudi Arabia based perfume house, established in 1935. 

Aboujamil Perfumery Perfume Oils: Entry level classic and modern style fine perfume oils from Paris based independent perfume house. 

Maison Anthony Marmin: Traditional attars, fine perfume oils and musks from Dubai based renowned perfume house.

Neesh Perfumes Attars: Traditional attars and fine perfume oils from India based renowned perfume house. 

Natural Attars & Pure Distillations:

Agar Aura: Fully natural attar oils from Malaysia based world-class oud distiller-cum-perfumer, Taha Syed. Also the owner of recently launched sister brand Solafa Scents offering luxury perfumes containing natural aromatics.

Elixir Attar: Fully natural attar oils from US based independent perfumer and chemist known for their signature traditional and contemporary style attar oils and perfumes. 

Yaaseen llc:  Fully natural traditional and contemporary style attar oils and pure agarwood oud oils from US based independent perfumer knows for their eclectic and diverse range of natural aromas. 

Aboujamil Perfumery Luxury Oils: Selection of unique natural attars from Paris based independent perfumer, Samy Aboujamil. 

Kashti: Highly creative India based novel independent perfumer specialising in making fully natural attar oils.  

Mohd. Ayub & Co.: Natural attars from world renowned India based attar house. 

Spray Perfumes:

Solafa Scents: Highly creative natural Extrait De Parfums from world-class blender, Taha Syed (owner of Agar Aura). 

Kashti: Fully natural Extrait De Parfums from highly creative India based novel independent perfumer.  

Neesh Perfumes EDPs: Fine luxury Eau De Parfums from India based renowned perfume house.

If you would like to inquire about any of our brands or their offering you can simply contact us and we would be glad to get back to you.