New to Attars & Perfume Oils?

What are attars & how are they made?

Attars, in brief, are alcohol free perfumes in oil form.

The art of making attars goes backs thousands of years, involving the extraction of materials (essentials oils) from natural sources to make a highly concentrated oil delivering the most authentic aromatic experience.

The extraction techniques typically involve traditional methods such as steam or hydro distillation, cold press, maceration or enfleurage.  

Attars have an aromatic style 'generally' atypical to mainstream perfumes. Although some of the aromas in our collections may strike as familiar, oils can bean  acquired flavour for some.     

What is the difference between 'attars' and 'perfume oils'?

Strictly speaking, perfumes made by using all natural ingredients are referred to as 'traditional' attars. However, with technological advances over the centuries and subsequent rise in synthetic perfumery, it is now common for the terms 'attar' and 'perfume oil' to be interchangeably used. As for the difference, perfume oils are made by using synthetic aroma compounds.

Our offerings

At allthatsscents we have an extensive range of excellent perfume oils and outstanding traditional attars. Some of our attars are made from rare and sought after natural materials, delivering a unique and an exceptional olfactory experience.       

Our select range includes oils from starter to mid range all the way to high-end natural distillations. Curated directly from world class artisanal distillers, indie perfumers and globally renowned perfume houses.

In terms of aromatic category, our traditional and contemporary oils include:

- Florals and floral blends

- Oriental (warm/spicy) oils & blends

- Fresh scents

- Woody oils & blends (including pure ouds)

- Gourmands  

- Fruity blends

Where to start from?

Now, if you are new to oils and are looking to bless your nose with an all new perfume experience we offer samples/samples sets for most of the oils available on our store.

Samples are a great and cost effective way to explore the oils before committing to full sized bottles. We are always happy to make recommendations on the types of oils which might be a good start for you. Feel free to contact us through our website chat service and we would be glad to get back to you.