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Aboujamil Perfumery Oils

Spicy Flower

Spicy Flower

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Concentrated Perfume Oil

Perfume Type: Sweet / Spicy / Floral

Perfume Style:  Contemporary

This perfume oil is from the Aboujamil Perfume Oil Collection - a quality selection of everyday use oils.

Spicy Flower is a unique scent - spiced floral sweetness characterised with a clean refreshing vibe. A display of vibrant floral shades, an eclectic show of pleasant nuances. A scent truly intriguing to the senses.       

This bright multifaceted perfume oil is presented as versatile unisex wear.

How to Use:
Perfume oils are best applied in small quantities directly to the skin over pulse points i.e. wrists, neck, behind the ears, chest, inner elbow or behind the knees.

Best to avoid applying directly to garments, especially bright colours.

The oil comes in a 3ml glass bottle with a golden cap and a plastic roller ball applicator. The bottle in presented in a smart green pouch.

**Safety Notice**
For external use only. Patch test recommended before use.
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