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Oud Cambodi King Khong

Oud Cambodi King Khong

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(2016) Aquilaria Crassana (Pure Thai Oud Oil)

Oud Cambodi King Khong: The Story

Contained within the bottle lays the KING caged and chained.

From the bottle, you sense his presence.

Once opened, the BEAST is unleashed with fury,  savage and fierce

To the novice: one must take heed, bear patience, courage is key.

To the connoisseur: An undeniable presence, complexity is sensed, depth is felt, radiant, medicinal and vintage down memory lane with a hint of joy..

Projecting with might, down the mountain into the forest through the woods across the river, a bit cleaner a bit more civilized.

The journey then becomes colourful , shades of red , maroon and purple, dark & tart, cherries & berries, tamarind sweet & sour...feast Khong.

[Darkness Falls]

Serene and tranquil, Khong lays down in a musky woodsy dry down with sweet & spicy undertones...sweet dreams KING.

First time: straight funk, then over time the nose picks up and words that come to mind - vigorous, animalic, radiant, sharp opening, hint of hay and tobacco, tart, sweet and woodsy dry down.

King Khong is an experience, for sure!


2016 artisanal distillation under strict quality parameters from 40 years old Crassana agarwood trees from Cambodia/Trat forest.

The infection was induced by drilling only without using any chemicals or injections! The trees were drilled in stages to support healing and happy growth for the trees whilst also allowing the drillers to pace out the strenuous effort.

The trees were left for minimum of 6 year before harvest, distilled under the growers care, ensuring strict quality control.

Primary focus of the distiller has been to save the trees from extinction (to heal to be healed). A lot of love, care and patience went into the process along with sustained perseverance in hunting and finding these treasures.

Presentation & Sizes:

Available in .3g sample, 1g & 2.5g

Oil in .3g comes in glass sample mini vial.

Oil in 1g or 2.5g comes in glass bottles.

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