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Mellifluence Perfume



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All Natural Attar Oil from Mellifluence Perfume

Description from Abdullah Dickman (perfumer/owner, Mellifluence Perfume)

403 Foudre

Foudre is a deep, resinous, woody, rum attar, with a sublime, wild Aceh oud at it's core.

It features:
Rum (alcohol free)
Aged Cinnamon
Greenheart wood
Taiwanese Sandalwood, and
Pang Sida oud

Foudre is a dark and heavy attar, but has a radiant, warm character. The dark elements combine with fiery spices, making it feel more approachable. The scent is partly based around aged rum barrels, which is what I feel when smelling the Wild Aceh Oud.
I wanted to build upon it's profile with similar materials, making sure the Wild Aceh note stays central.

Smelling from the applicator, Foudre has a deep, boozy, sweet, woody, resinous aroma. It has a somewhat cola-like character, with complex, aged woody notes, and warm, spicy mulled fruits. I get a flood of notes when smelling, many similar scent sit neatly next to each other, creating a vibrant, sweet, balsamic blend.

This is not as boozy as some of my previous attars in this theme, but it is very heady. It has a noticeable soothing effect when smelling. Labdanum is a sedating and soothing material,  and that profile has been enhanced a lot in this blend. There are also complex berry and vanilla notes hovering in the background.

Smelling on the skin, Foudre begins as a dark, spicy, woody scent, and quickly begins to display a deep, complex, boozy, fruity core. When it begins to settle, the sweet vanillic notes can be sensed, merging into caramelic rum and spiced, mulled fruits.
The Wild Aceh oud shines through within minutes. It's unusual vanilla, cherry accents shaping the unfolding of the scent. I also used some Thai Pang Sida oud to add more warmth to the base of the attar.

This attar constantly felt like it wanted to be stronger, so I kept going for days adding more potent materials to feed it's fiery core. 

Base notes: Wild Aceh Oud, Black Labdanum, Greenheart Wood, Tobacco, Pang Sida Oud
Heart notes: Vietnamese Benzoin, Saffron, Ginger, Gold Labdanum, Galangal, Buddhawood
Top notes: Rum (alcohol free), Cinnamon, Henna, Honeysuckle

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