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Mellifluence Perfume

Imago Imperial

Imago Imperial

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All Natural Attar Oil from Mellifluence Perfume

Description from Abdullah Dickman (perfumer/owner, Mellifluence Perfume)

402 Imago Imperial  

Imago Imperial is a more complex and high quality version of the original Imago attar.

Imago Imperial is made with:
Bourbon vetiver eo
Wild Aceh oud
Lombok oud
Iris butter
Atlas cedarwood eo
Hiba wood eo
Iris absolute
Kopi luwak absolute
Greenheart wood eo
Somalian myrrh absolute
Aged cananga eo
Rooibos absolute
Aged birch eo
Vetiverol isolate, and
Mysore Sandalwood eo

This initially started as a new version of Beyond the Hills, but during the process I took an intuitive approach and allowed it to evolve into whatever felt best.

Smelling from the bottle,  Imago Imperial has a sweet, powdery, earthy, floral scent. It is quite an unusual contrasting combination of materials, but it works very well.

To me this attar feels like a chain of scents that link together, like dominoes. Each material has several properties, and one or more connect to the next scent in the chain, creating a line of scents that harmonize with the next, but contrast overall.

The Cananga brings a lovely white floral scent, that becomes powdery in the presence of the iris butter. The iris butter connects to the iris absolute, which fits neatly beside the vetiver, and the greenheart wood harmonizes with the vetiver and wild Aceh oud.

Smelling on the skin, Imago Imperial begins as a woody, incense-like powdery floral scent. It feels like half a dark woody, earthy profile and half and powdery, light, sweet floral. I would say this straddles the line of masculine and feminine, and light and dark. It still has a structure similar to the original Imago, but this feels much more classy and refined. The wild Aceh agarwood is peak quality, one of the best ouds I have tried, and it lends it's exotic character to really bring out a stunning woody, indolic dry down.
The Kopi Luwak is used sparingly, as I did not want this to be a coffee attar, but it brings a lovely gritty note to the vetiver that ties it closer to the iris and Aceh agarwood.

Base notes: Java Vetiver, Greenheart Wood, Kopi Luwak, Wild Aceh Oud, Lombok Oud, Somalian Myrrh
Heart notes: Iris, Bourbon Vetiver, Atlas Cedarwood, Rooibos
Top notes: Iris, Cananga 

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