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Oud C-4

Oud C-4

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Crassana Agarwood Medley (Pure Thai Oud Oil)


There is oud, and then there is Oud C-4!

This is not only a limited batch of rare artisanal oud (2016), but also a special offering from the distiller.

This pure Thai oud oil is an artistic medley of FOUR different distillations! The blend was created by the distiller following a thoughtful selection of four batches.  Cured together and aged since 2016.

And the result is a deep, rich and full Trat spectrum with a modest dose of that addictive Cambodian funk - in perfect balance!

A profoundly enjoyable wear from start to finish. With a dark fruity opening that is sweet and tart. With a touch of bitterness that smoothly transitions to a lighter sweet, creamy and woodsy dry down.

This special treat is a one-off limited batch release.


Type - Crassana Agarwood species 

Infection - through drilling only

Age of infection - 7 years.

Age of tree - 30 years.

Distillation year - 2016 

Presentation & Sizes

Available in .3g sample, 1g & 2.5g

Oil in .3g comes in glass sample mini vial.

Oil in 1g or 2.5g comes in glass bottles.

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