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Oud Yaaseen

Oud Yaaseen

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Aquilaria Crassana Agarwood Oil (2016)

Description from Yaaseen Artisan Perfume House

I am going to start this with the words of someone with far greater experience in the world of ouds and artisanal natural perfumes, my dear friend Abdulla, my mentor, thanks for welcoming me in the class, the perfumer behind Mellifluence perfumes:

 "Oud Yaaseen is an absolutely stunning oud. It has a complex woody aroma with a vibrant fruity depth to it.

The fruity aspects are what jump out at you first with fragrant raspberries, sweet plums and fragrant prunes. Hands down one of my favourite agarwood oils.

The woody aspects are very raw and wild, it is almost as pungent as creosote, but no harshness to be sensed. It is a balance of wild and sensuous aromas.

Very accessible for those new to Oud, and a real treasure for those who are discerning about quality". Mellifluence_Perfumes.

To me its a beautiful intro to the magnificent world of artisanal oud, in the pretty and handsome ouds category and a hall of fame worthy if there is such a thing. Immediate impression to my senses - harmonious symphony of jammy fruity floral notes well balanced with a pleasant woodsy core, smooth through out, medicinal psychtropic and heart felt.

The Journey behind Oud Yaaseen:

My perfume journey took me from mall brands in my 20's to niche and body oils in my 30's then into the world of oud via searching the net where I came across the Ensar Oud website. I was blown away first by the prices and then with the content - a new world started to exist for me. I wanted to sample but was hesitant to buy, I started searching for reviews on Youtube and came across 3 reviewers - Therapeutic Fragrance, Handsome Smells and Hueleme Mucho. 

Seeing their reviews of Oud Yusuf from Ensar Oud, and their honest and genuine reaction and heart felt passion was more than enough for me to try. Once I tried it, the experience was honestly a life changer for me. A huge reset, something had clicked. I revisited Ensar's website, this time as a case study. I read everything about his journey, his ethics, his trials and obstacles, took notes, did more study, more planning. Finally following into the footsteps - a trip to Thailand was in order.

I am blessed with a Thai wife and we just had a new baby girl and her grandparents were eager to meet her and also to see me for the first time as well.

In Feb, we flew to Thailand right before the covid situation intensified and the search for quality ouds and distillers began, after significant time and effort I found something good after the many bad and ugly. A seasoned, well experienced distiller who holds a high code of ethics and integrity, one that honours and cares for the trees. Oud Yaaseen stood out instantly, bringing everything full circle back to the beginning of my journey.

I am confident whoever tries it will understand and fall in love with this oud as much as everyone that smelled it before. Its truly special and I am not saying this because I am the one honoured to source it, sell it, make blends with it and share this treasure with others. 

I would like to thank everyone who helped me in this journey and a special thanks to Wasim (Mr. Handsome) and Brandon (the Blue Beast) - you guys played an integral part of this journey more than you will ever know. I would like give credit where credit is due, much respect to brother Ensar, for paving the way and adhering to long lost ethics, what an inspiration and a successful guide to follow in so many ways!

Much Admiration to Brother Abdullah, the Maestro, the master blender, Mr. Melli Mel for your time and care.

Peace and Blessings to all who take the time to read it.


2016 artisan distillation under strict quality parameters from 40 yr old Crassana agarwood species tree from a small family plantation and distillation.

The infection was induced by drilling only, no chemicals, no injections, the trees were drilled in stages to support healing and happy growth for the trees and provide more chance for the drillers to work.

The trees where left for minimum of 6-7 year before harvest, distilled under the growers care to insure quality control, pride and self expression and it shines through.

Presentation & Sizes

Sizes available - .3g sample via | 1g | 2.5g

Oil in .3g comes in glass sample mini vial.

Oil in 1g or 2.5g comes in glass bottles. The bottle itself comes presented in hand crafted traditional wooden box with lower inner of the box lined with genuine leather.   

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