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Plumeria Grandé

Plumeria Grandé

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All Natural Attar Oil

An intoxicating attar oil from exhibiting exotic tropical florals, Ouds and rum.

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Plumeria Grandé is an exotic, tropical, floral, fruity attar with luscious Frangipani taking center stage, blended with most pleasant Oud Yaaseen, spiked with boozy fruity Jamaican rum CO2 with a swirl of creamy waxy coconut pulp CO2 and a dash of saffron and spices. There is a squeeze of Yuzu in a base of Siberian Musk carried by sweet Sandalwoods. And there is Orris sprinkles served on petals of Jasmines and Roses.

Plumeria Grandé is Moustafa Shoair's second frangipani attar. This one however is denser and more opulent. A pleasureful and luxurious wear.

This attars put you in a happy, dreamy, relaxed state somewhere on a tropical island away from all of life’s worries.

Frangipani also known by the botanical name of Plumeria, and is one of the most delightful members to the dogbane family. It is sometimes referred to as the Hawaiian Lei flower – a white, yellow or pink bloom that blossoms on trees in tropical climates. This is one flower that blends beautifully with any sweet ingredient.

Nothing evokes that tropical feeling quite like the frangipani. Its sweet scent and sheer beauty makes it aroma universally loved.

The scent of the frangipani is a beautifully soft, exotic, tropical, sultry, heady and floral that is lush and rich. The blooms may smell like pineapple, plum, candy, gingers, coconut or even gardenias.

Plumeria has great symbolic significance in many cultures, but frangipani is most widely used in perfumery. The scent is typically used as a top note, particularly in floral fragrances.

- Frangipani
- Oud Yaaseen 2016
- Mysore Sandalwood
- Siam Benzoin
- Orris
- Saffron
- Jamaican Rum co2
- Sichuan Pepper co2
- Coconut Pulp co2
- Organic Myrrh co2
- Jasmine Sambac co2
- Indonesian Sandalwood co2
- Rose
- Bitter Yuzu
- Carrot Seed
- Labdanum
- Peru Balsam
- White Pepper
- Bulgarian Tobacco
- Siberian Deer Musk
- Ambrettolide Natural Isolate
- Gamma Dodecalactone Natural Isolate
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