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Elixir Attar

Poudre: Bois d’ Iris

Poudre: Bois d’ Iris

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Description from Elixir Attar:

Attar type: French

Serie nectar precieux: attar

Our first and second attars of the serie nectar precieux are poudre: bois d’ iris, and shahmat. Both of these will be available only as 1 ml, again due to the insane nature of the materials used in them, and the inability to continue offering them on a regular basis. 

Poudre: Bois d’ Iris is our more aggressive take on iris, more than iris chypre, its how iris should smell in a perfect accord of florals. We can say that while iris chypre is the spicy floral citrus, poudre focuses on the powdery facets of iris, which we realized using specific irones which are insane to find nowadays, so costly that it make agarwood with all its grades look cheap in comparison, and the results will shock you.
I can claim to say, that I have never smelt any iris based composition reach this degree of complexity and unravelling as well as surprising turns as the scent develops. More difficult to realize in attar format, the composition is one we are most proud of, and I truly think, that it will be marked in history of iris based compositions. 

The notes in this one is absolutely guarded, and not announced, (think that it has captive notes) however, think about it this way, if you love iris, here is your iris holy grail. No more talk, this is a promise, thou shall be shocked in a beautiful way.

PS - colder weather may induce some precipitation in this perfume, this was also taken into consideration when designing the olfactory pyramid, just proceed to use the oil in it as it is, you don't need to try and dissolve the precipitate, its less than 2% and doesn't affect the smell.

Notes from Elixir Attar:

1. Our perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made primarily of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. Some synthetics are used in some compositions, as it contributes in better perfume architecture and for performance enhancement.

2. The photos are for demonstration purposes only; the actual colour may vary from oil to oil, along with the presentation.

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