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Neesh Perfumes - Attars

Rose-E-Mohabatt (6ml)

Rose-E-Mohabatt (6ml)

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Rose-E-Mohabatt (6ml) - Attar oil

Rose-e-Mohabbat is conceptualised around the aroma of freshly made paste of pink rose petals.

Fresh rose petals are distilled in Kannauj for the pure essence.

The essence is distilled into the paste of exotic white musk.

As a result, Rose-e-Mohabbat feels like crushing garden-fresh rose petals on your skin. Sublime!

*Note* - Rose-E-Mohabatt is a thick white musk based oil where the rose paste may settle at the base. Therefore it is recommended to shake the closed bottle before use.

Who are Neesh Perfumes?
Originating in 1904 and re-establishing in 2014, NEESH are a fashionable high-end perfume house with headquarters based in India and Paris.

NEESH™ perfumes are blended by award winning master perfumers like Christophe Raynaud and Nanako Ogi. We have used the finest and most exquisite pallet of raw materials for all the fine fragrances. The handpicked ingredients, masterfully layered notes, and intensely concentrated formulations develop on your skin and linger in the air for a head-turning, compliment-getting effect. An effect that’s amiss in a lot of soft and generic designer fragrances.

All NEESHâ„¢ perfumes come in Extrait De Parfum concentration, which gives them 2x better lingering effect than other designer perfumes.

Complimenting the range of fine fragrances is their line of traditional attars oils. All distilled and blended in the global hub of traditional perfumery, Kannauj (India), by pioneers like M.L Ramnarain Perfumers with generations of experience in distilling exotic natural materials.

Do Neesh Perfumery use synthetic materials in their attar oils?

While all premium attar oils at NEESH™ are made from 100% (or nearly 100%) natural distillations, the introductory range of NEESH™ attar oils are made from a combination of natural materials and high quality synthetics to give strength to the scent profile.

All NEESHâ„¢ attar oils are alcohol-free, and cruelty free.

Neesh Perfumery attar oils come in smart 6ml bottles with roll-on applicator, contained in premium presentation (as shown in the pictures) making for an ideal addition to own collection, or great choice for a gift. 

**Safety Notice**
Please carry out a patch test before using.
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