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All Natural Attar Oil

Vetti is a complex vetiver attar beautifully supported by oud, spices, woods, ambergris, civet and a lot more..

Description from Yaaseen Artisan Perfume House
Vetti is my first vetiver attar and my second composition based on the artwork in the picture reflecting on scents, feel and colours, the first being Darkness Falls.

Vetti started her journey in July of 2020 as one of my early experiments called 10B-A. A maceration of brown ambergris, hyraceum, civet, shilajit in buaya wood making for a truly unique' out of the box' base.

I find this attar calming and brain stimulating. It is rich and full bodied throughout from the hypnotic smoky vibe, the pencil shaving nuances from aged Japanese Hiba wood to the roasted coffee brewing in the distance. There are hints of hay and tobacco leaves on a damp wood with traces of tartness and oud sweetness deeply dominated by a majestic vetiver forest.

A high calibre and tenacious vetiver oriented attar.


- Black pepper
- Cannabis
- Cedarwood
- Coriander
- Cypriol Heart (Papyrus essential oil fractions)
- Lantana
- Sichuan pepper
- Turmeric

- Aged Hiba Wood
- Blackcurrant
- Coffee
- Immortelle
- Violet Leaf
- White Lotus

- Ambergris
- Ambrette
- Buaya wood
- Cedarmoss
- Cistus
- Civet
- Frankincense
- Hay
- Hyraceum
- Labdanum
- Oakmoss
- Oud Supreme Trat 2012
- Seaweed
- Shilajit
- Tobacco
- Vetivers
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